Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perfect Brownie Pan

Perfect Brownie Pan can be bought at Ross for about $9.99. You can also find them on-line. I think Ross is going to be the best place to buy it. My aunt gave me this pan about 2 years ago for Christmas. This is my second time using it. I wish I would have started so much sooner. The brownies come out so much better in this pan. I don't need to worry about cutting them evenly or trying to eat the corners first. Each slice has 4 perfect sides. Oh gosh they are so much more delicious in this pan.

The pan has 3 different pieces

Main piece-partial pan



This is a must for baking

These brownies are so good. The bottom is brownie and the top is cookie!!!

After putting the base into the pan place brownie mix

Then add cookie mix

place slicer into mixture-then place into oven and bake according to directions

each brownie is individually sliced-just lift up the slice and brownies are already cut perfectly to 18 pieces

This is what was left by the time i got back from couponing. The guys attacked it!!

It also comes with this lid that snaps close on both ends. Lets your brownies remain fresh or if you are going to take them somewhere they are easy to take along.

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