Friday, August 3, 2012

Couponing-Is it really worth it?

It seems that I have been slacking off when it has come to couponing these past few weeks/months. I used to wake up early to buy the Early Sunday Edition paper on Saturday mornings. Now I have been waiting till Sunday evening to buy the paper and wont go through my coupons until Monday night. This week CVS had a really good sale on certain products that also had amazing coupon values in this past weekends paper. I did not realize how good the sales were until Monday night after I clipped my coupons. I never ever leave my house alone past 7:00pm but this time I ventured off at about 8:00pm. I hate going anywhere by myself that late. I had my list ready and coupons in my binder. In my town there are 3 CVS stores about 5 minutes within each other.

CVS had a grea deal: Buy $25.00 worth of certain Olay product and receive $5.00 ECB

The first CVS is about 5 minutes. The first thing I did was scan my card when I entered the doors. After taking my CVS coupons with me. I headed toward the OLAY facial soap. The shelves were cleared out! I could not believe it. A few coupons that I had expired that night. I was so bummed. I did manage to grab the last 2 Olay body washes which were on sale for $5.99 each. When I scanned my CVS card in the kiosk I received $2.00 off coupon on any 2 body washes. I also had a manufacturers coupon for $3.00 two Olay body washes and a $1.00 coupon off of 2 Mentos gum.
Transaction #1
Mentos Gum 2/$5.00 receive-$1.00 MC=2/$4.00 received $2ECB
2 OLAY body washes @ $5.99= $11.98-$3.00MC-$2.00CVS coupon=$6.98
Total OOP=$10.98
received $1.00 ECB for Green Tag Bag
received $2.00 ECB for Mentos

I got in my car and headed toward the next CVS. Again the shelves were empty. I bought the last 2 Olay face washes.
Transaction #2
Olay Face wash 2 @ $3.74=$7.48-$3.00 MC-$.67ECB=$3.81 OOP

At this point I just wanted to go home. I really don't like having to go to store to store to buy what I am looking for. But I was only 5 minutes away from my next CVS so I drove to it. This time I left with nothing. All the OLAY products that were on sale were gone! In my mind I was wishing that the managers would limit quantities per person. The sale was so good that I probably would have been one of the ones who helped clear the shelves. I was just mad at myself for not buying the newspaper earlier and heading out to the stores before church on Sunday morning. Honestly I wont clear shelves out. I would feel too guilty. No offence to any one who reads this and does clear shelves out♥

Friday is here. I left the house before noon and headed back to the 24 hour CVS and there was only 2 face washes and  OLAY body washes on the shelves. I had a coupon for buy one face wash and get a free body wash. I grabbed a one of the face washes that were on the shelves but it was not on sale. I also grabbing a body wash.
Transaction #3
Olay Body Wash $5.99-$5.99 coupon=Free
Olay Face Wash $4.49-$3.00 CVS coupon (birthday)=$1.49

Received $5.00 ECB after purchasing $25.00 worth of OLAY products

Total OOP=$16.28
Received $8.00 ECB

So in my opinion, YES couponing is very worth it. It does take a few hours to clip and organize my coupons but in the long run it really helps out. Not only for my family but to other families who are in need. I don't think I could go to Walmart and spend only $16.28 on 4 big bottles of Olay body wash and 4 regular size Olay face washes. I did have to drive around to a few CVS and did get frustrated to see empty shelves but thats kind of the fun part too. Getting to the store Friday to buy my last 2 products  made me feel good to get there early before everything was gone again.

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