Saturday, September 17, 2011

Color Club-Back To Boho Collection A

This is my YouTube video of the collection that I bought at Ross. I lost/deleted the pictures.

I went to my local Ross for a quick peek of what they had. I came across this Color Club Collection but decided to not get it. I placed it back on the shelf and continued walking around for a while. After not finding anything else interesting, I decided to go ahead and buy the polish. There were 2 so I grabbed one. I payed and put the buggy away. As I grabbed the bag from the buggy the polishes fell straight through the bag!!! The polishes broke!!! There was a big hole on the bottom of the bag and neither the clerk nor I noticed it. Thank goodness there was one left. I let the clerk know that there was one left and I was going to get so there was no need for a refund!
As you can see in the pictures the colors are so creamy and true to the bottle color. There is no smudgyness. The colors are beautiful. I have the nude color on right now and I am in love with it. No doubt my favorite collection so far.!!

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