Friday, August 26, 2011

Monster Nails

Finger Paints-Groovy Green

Black Shatter-before clean up

Monster Nails!

I am not a big fan of energy drinks. I will take a couple of sips but will not drink the whole can. I can always tell when Frank drinks one because his burps always smell fruity.
Last night I chose to color my nails this nice green color by Finger Paints called Groovy Green. I applied a clear 3mm rhinestone and surrounded it with black1.5mm rhinestones on the ring fingers. I really like the way it looked. I was going to stamp  a black design on it but did not like the way it came out. So I took it off and the nails were left a little stained. I did not have time to repaint them so I grabbed my black Shatter polish by OPI ( yes they sent me a new one!!) and applied it on all my nails.
After looking at them, I realized they looked like a can of Monster Energy Drink. I don't like the drink but I sure love the way my nails look.
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