Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 2012 Cravebox

 Downy Wrinkle Release Spray
3 fl oz estimate value=$2.35

Think Thin Creamy Peanut Butter Bar and Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts
$1.99 each bar

EBoost Daily  Health Booster

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System
1 oz estimate value $13.00
2.7 oz is $35.00

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Foam
1 fl oz estimate value $12.40
4.1 oz retails for $50.00

6 Bic Mark It Fine Permanent Markers
estimate value .78cents each

This box may not be for all but I love it. This comes with things that as a wife,mom,and everything in between will use. I really don't like to iron clothes at all. The Downy Wrinkle Release is perfect for my son Taekwond uniform. Sometimes I forget to eat lunch or get hungry during Alex's practice so I am going to stuff these 2 Think Thin Bars in my bag. I am going to have to try the EBoost drink because lately I have been feeling really sleepy. Hopefully this can really give me a boost. I love the BIC markers. They are perfect for crafting or circling the items in the weekly sale advertisements that I need to buy. I am going to put 2 in my coupon binder. I'm am pretty stocked up on my facial cleansers and moisturizers but it doesn't hurt to add 2 more to my pile!! Good job Cravebox!!!

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