Thursday, December 1, 2011


I received a tweet a while ago about a new product that is going to be launching. The name of it was CraveBox. Have you heard of it? Well it is a monthly "subscription" that you get in the mail.
Cravebox gives you the opportunity to try the best products without paying full price.
  • Unwrap four to five hand-selected products each monthcravebox box
  • Discover the most crave-worthy products including beauty, food, home goods and others
  • Delivered to your door for one superbly low price of $10/month - includes free shipping!

Sounds pretty exciting to me! I am currently a subscriber to BirchBox. Honestly, I have only gotten one box that I actually liked.  Maybe 2 products that I would actually considering purchasing. One was the Anastasia Clear Brow mascara and the other was the Ahava foot cream.  I am hoping to receive something exciting in Decembers BirchBox, if not, then this will be my last month with BirchBox. The thing that interested me in CraveBox, was that the description of the box listed home goods and not just beauty goods. I really can not wait for this box to arrive.
I did place my order with CraveBox this morning. As soon as I receive my package, I will let you know what I received. If you are interested, here it there website:
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