Friday, December 16, 2011

My Cravebox Arrived

Perugina Chocolate Bar estimate value $2.16

7oz bottle retails for $54.00 and last 6-8 weeks

Baci Chocolate Truffle

OPI Nic's Sticks retail from $4.99-$8.99

BiC  for Her retractable ball pens
each pack retails for $3.99


Everything come wrapped in pink tissue paper

Package gets delivered to your mailbox
Finally my CRAVEBOX arrived!!! Just to clear the air this is nothing compared to Birchbox. In my honest opinion, I believe CRAVEBOX is so much better. The reason I say so is because this box has alittle bit of everything for your everyday life. It came with a full size candy bar, with a name that I can not pronounce. I certainly plan on saving it for a few more week for when that certain craving for chocolate begins. In the mean time I plan on sharing the chocolate truffle with my husband once we get a few minutes alone, after all he did pay for this box and the future ones to come.  There was also a nail polish to satisfy that nail polish addict in me. A body balm perfect for this time of weather was also included. I can never have enough lotion,,,,,no one likes ashy legs or elbows.  Now there is no reason why I should be scavenging through my kitchen junk drawer looking for a pen. CRAVEBOX just provided me with 2/2 pack pens. One pack is black ball point ink and the other pack contain a pink and purple gel ink. Cravebox is a monthly subscription that is only $10.00 per month. If you are tired of getting samples for $10.00 give Cravebox a chance. I am glad I did!!
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