Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My new Netbook

Today was a great day.  Alex and I didn't do much except stay home.  Since he wont start school until he is 6yrs old (winter birthday) I teach him "school" in our living room. I bought him different learning books from
walmart,walgreens, and the dollar general. I like them alot because they teach him how to write,matching,connect the dot and other cool things. So that's all we did. We watched Iron Man a few times. Yeah it was a good  day for the both of us. I cant believe how much he is growing.
Frank came home after Alex and I finished dinner. He came home with a surprise for me. That hardly happens but when it does you better believe that its a good surprise. He bought me a netbook. I have been wanting one for a while now. I love it. I will post a picture in a later post because I am just getting to know my new lil purple machine. So far so good. Thanks for stopping by:)

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