Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun With Alex

Silly Alex and momma

Yikes---There was a spider on me while I was taking this picture.
 Sometimes I find myself saying things to my son and feel like he's not really paying attention. A few days ago, we went to the grocery store and told him to pick 4 small snack size packages of chips. I wanted him to hurry up and focus on which ones he wanted so I could hurry back home and do some cleaning. I told him that we could have a picnic after the library soon and to hurry up. Tuesday morning came, which is our usual day to go to the library for story time. I had our books in the bag, he had his shoes on and back pack ready. I had my shoes on and purse in hand. Then he said," Mom don't forget about the picnic".  I'm the type of person that goes by a schedule. I feel like my day is ruined if something doesn't go as planned. I looked at his little face and remembered what I had told him at the grocery store. I had completely forgot. My Alex didn't! I put my purse down, washed my hands and made us some sandwiches. I found one of my nieces old Pocahontas lunch boxes and put our sandwiches, chips and drinks in there. I grabbed a blanket and off we were. After story time, we found a nice spot under a huge tree and spread the blanket out. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch together. I'm so glad he reminded me about our picnic. I'm also glad that I just went with the flow and enjoyed my son!
My new haircut

I was finally able to get my haircut today. I so badly wanted to grow out my hair. I wanted to be able to curl it,braid it, and just do different things with it. Unfortunately, long hair ages me. I didn't cut it as short as I usually do. I actually love this cut. It suppose to be a stacked cut,but I don't see any stackness to it. I still love it though. Note to self:" Christina, you look better with short hair". I need to go back and read this once I try to grow out my hair again:)


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  1. That's lovely, hun -- kidz never forget when it comes to fun things to do :) -- And you look beautiful with your new really shows off that gorgeous smile of yours....


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