Monday, September 20, 2010

Where are the Keys??!!!!

Ok, so I wake up this morning still feeling like I could sleep for another 30 minutes.  I get my son washed, dressed and his breakfast ready.  Then I make my way to my room to get ready to head to the library.  I got the books that are due soon in my library bag; which I got ready last night.  I got my purse organized last night too.  I got $20.00 for lunch from my lovely husband.  Finally, my hair is up in a pony tail, make-up is half done, socks and shoes on my sons feet-check. Heavy bag of book on my shoulder-check. Purse-check.  Eye glasses-check. Phone in my pocket-check. House alarm set-check. House keys-check. Car keys-????? Great, where are the keys? They are not on the key holder that is shaped like a key and nailed to the wall. They are not on the counter.  And, no son, they are not in my pocket.  I pull out my phone, go to "my favorites" and call my lovely husband. Guess what??? The keys are in his pocket!! ARGH!!! He offers to turn around but he is already 30 minutes into his 1 hour drive to work. I decline his offer. So I guess I'll make today laundry day and get that over with.  Me and my son will do our halloween crafts.  Maybe I'll even paint my finger nails:) Thats always fun!!

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  1. Oh no! You're right though: crafts and manicures are always fun.


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