Monday, August 4, 2014

Michael Kors Messenger Bag

Michael Kors

Dust bag

This came in 3 colors:
Black, brown and off white
I chose black because I don't have a black cross body bag

Hanging logo charm

Gold hardware

2 side pockets

Zipper pocket and 2 side pockets

Inside clasp
I sometimes clip my swiss army knife to that

Back buttoned pocket magnetic closure
I like this feature because I can put receipts or random papers that I carry.
I also like it because I can just slip my phone in there and not have to search for it inside the purse

Filofax Pocket Wallet
Good 2 Grow Juice
Crochet Hook
Ear buds

It's roomy enough to fit my Personal sized Filofax and everything else I mentioned above

In reality this is what I actually carry and need in my purse. 

I have had this Coach cross body bucket purse for at least 6 years.  As you can see it is still in great condition.   These bags maybe a little pricey but they last a very long time and well with the price

This is my other Michael Kors bag that my husband bought me last year.  I think its beautiful and it has a lot of space.  The only thing is that it is so heavy.  It gets even heavier once I put all my "necessities" in it.  I will definitely use this purse when we go out or to church.  I think this one was the Hamilton bag but I could be wrong.

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