Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Have a Job!

Hello everyone! I can officially state that I am now employed. I won't use the word "finally" because I actually enjoyed every single day that I spent unemployed. I loved being home watching my belly grow almost 8 years ago to watching my son get ready for 2nd grade this week.  I was not actually looking for work, although I have been praying for one that would let me work Monday through Friday and allow me to be home in time to make sure Alex got off the bus safely.  I've been praying that prayer for a "just in case" situation.  My husbands cousin opened up a party shop and asked me if I would be interested in working Monday through Friday from opening hours until my son got off of school.  How awesome is that!!  So yes I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  It not only gets me out of my house but its starting to get me used to talking to people too.  My daily conversations are not all about Spongebob and Minecraft and Stampycat.  I love it and feel incredibly blessed for my job and hope to continue this journey for a long time.
I'm just going to show some snippets of my day today.  I forgot to mention my job is literally one full song away from my house or about 5 minutes away from my house!! God is Good!

I had to move the computer system to the front of the store.  I  took this picture to remind me where to plug in the  cords after everything was moved.

This is a tubing and base that needed to be glued to make a center piece.

These are the bases that I needed to do.

Completed bases

Prepping cement.  This caused me so much stress.  I apparently used to much water for the concrete.  Last thing I want to do is ruin these things. After removing some of the water, I think I got it to the right constintensy. 

Bases were now filled with concrete. My prayer for today is that they harden!!

How much is that baby in the window? Asked one customer.
Lastly I tried my hardest to figure out how to work this Silhouette Cameo .  I'm going to try again tomorrow with card stock paper.  I hope to figure out how to use it soon because it looks like we will be able to do a lot of cool stuff with it.  


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