Saturday, April 6, 2013

ELF Champagne Eye Primer & Naked Palette

Hope you can read upside down...if not this is the ELF Eyelid  Primer in Champagne

As you can see it is very shimmery. If you apply eye primer to your brows Do Not Use this one., unless you want shimmery brow. If that's the case,please send me a picture, cause I want to see♥




I did not like the primer at all. I used Buck as my lid shadow and  it shimmered way to  much. I did not put primer under my eye but some how my corner bottom lids were still shimmery. 

My finished look

Yes this is only $1.00 but I would rather not have gotten it. I should have grabbed a bag of Peanut M&M's♥


  1. haha That's the way I look at it too~~coulda had some licorice ;-) Target will refund your money for that, though. I took back a bottle of L'oreal Lumi foundation last week :) Thanks for the review.
    Your makeup looks great on your pretty face xo.
    Happy Saturday, girl!

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