Friday, April 5, 2013

Kroger Spring Dinners BzzCampaign

I received coupons from BzzAgent and Kroger for the products listed:
Free Kroger Moist & Tender Pork Tenderloin
Free Kroger Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes
Free Kroger Crescent Rolls
Free Kroger Cake Mix 
Free Kroger Frosting

Kroger Cake Mix available flavors:
Butter, White, Yellow or Devils Food
I chose Butter

Kroger Frosting Available Flavors
Chocolate or White
I chose Chocolate

Kroger Original  Crescent dinner rolls. These actually taste very good. I have tried  brand name crescent rolls and there is no taste difference. I will definitely continue to use the Kroger brand

Kroger Home style  Mashed Potatoes
For some reason I had a hard time finding these.I was looking in the frozen section but  they were located in the open refrigerated section. I had the option to get the mac n cheese but we are not a big fan of mac n cheese. All of the potatoes do not have to be cooked at the same time. I only cooked half of the bowl. I don't think I would buy these again. They were moist and creamy but if I just did not like the taste.

Free pork tenderloin. I was surprised that there was no price limit on the tenderloin.

My free food. Thanks BzzAgent and Kroger
Kroger promises that your family will enjoy all their products, If not  they will  make it right  with a replacement or refund!

cooking instruction

i marinaded mine with soy sauce, dijon mustard, garlic,salt, pepper,olive  oil

The pork was very moist and delicious. My son even thanked me for the meal after he finished. He really liked the pork as well

I was able to make tacos with the left over pork. The pork was still moist and  tasted great.

My Alex taking a big bite of his taco! We really liked the pork and will make sure to buy more.

 Kroger Chocolate frosting

Stirred about 20 with a butter knife

Cake baked

I had only a little bit left after frosting the cake

My family enjoyed the cake. I am not a big fan of butter cake. This was a little too buttery for my taste. Maybe next time I will get  the devils food cake mix. The cake was moist and cooking time was just as the box said.
Thanks BzzAgent and Kroger for letting me be a part of this campaign. My family and I really enjoyed everything!

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