Friday, April 5, 2013

4 ELF Primers-Swatches

ELF Primers-$1.00 @ Food Town

My favorite ELF Quad
Day to Night $1.00 @ Food Town

Swatches w/o primer

Sheer Primer

Sheer Cover Primer-I think  I applied to much on my arm. It took a  seconds to dry . I let it set for about 1 minute then applied the eyeshadow. Of all the primers that I tested today, this one is my favorite. The primer blends in well with my natural skin tone.

Pearl Primer

This is what it looks like before applying  shadow-very sparkly!

I did not like this one to much. The shadow applied streaky and wasn't as smooth as the  Sheer Primer

Golden Primer

Swatch before shadows-very gold!!!

I like the way the first color and the last color of the  swatches look the best. I think it makes the bronziness stand out more. Maybe this primer would look better with golden tones to it.

                                                 Champaigne Primer

Swatch before shadow-I like the way this one blended well .Its a glittery and sparky color.It really has a strong scent to it too.

Swatch after shadow. Again this makes the first and last shadow pop more. Not  so much the 2 in the middle. It kind of dulls them.

Here is a look at my arm in different lighting

Different lighting

This is what the wands look like.

Over all the Sheer Primer is my favorite. I may try the champaigne and gold primer next time I wear  my Naked  shadows or browns.

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