Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY:Squinkies Display Rack

My son loves collecting things. His favorites right now are the Squinkies and Marvel Heroics and DC Heroics. They are so tiny and cute. My favorite ones are the SpongeBob Squinkies. We had originally planned to put them in a DIY Gumball Machine I had made but they were not very organized. I decided to make him a display rack. I made one for myself last year for my nail polishes which is still holding up quite nicely.

Squinkies and Marvel Heroics

DVD Rack found at the Goodwill yesterday for $4.99. The only thing that was missing was the little wooded ball that goes on top.

Foam board from the Dollar Tree. You can find this at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

An exacto knife makes cutting the board easier. Make sure you put something on the bottom before you start cutting to avoid damages on counters.

Use a regular DVD case and not a Blu-Ray case because the BluRay is much shorter

In this case, size does matter:)

Regular DVD top; BluRay bottom

I used waffle lining to keep the Squinkies and the Heroics from slipping. On my nail polish rack I used printed material. The choice is yours,depending on what you plan to use yours for

trace the DVD and cut

measure the lining to the cut out of the DVD

hot glue the corners first then the sides then place on the rack and space out accordingly. Its your choice to hot glue the base to the rack. I did not do it to this rack because Squinkies are so light in weight and we may need to add more shelves. I did hot glue the shelves on my Nail Polish Rack because the nail polishes were heavy.

I replaced the wooden ball for a Squinkies Ball.

Here is the finished project.

Squinkies Rack

This is the nail polish rack I made. I created this rack.

                                                               This is the DIY GumBall machine I made as well


  1. Beautiful blog and awesome display racks. I like display racks and use them in exhibitions to display my products to the customers in an effective manner.

    1. Thank you Walton Lee for visiting and for your nice comment. I appreciate it!


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