Saturday, June 2, 2012

CraveBox May 2012

A Taste of the Tropics Cravebox

Guylian Original Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells-sample size
box of 22 $13.95

Unfortunately my chocolates where melted. They still tasted great though:)

Skintersection Intense Repair Cream
Perfect relief for the cracked summer skin-full size
$17.95 for a 2oz jar

very thick cream did not really have a scent

Lipton Tea & Honey To Go Packet-sample size

Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Sugar Body Scrub-full size
price varies CVS $6.99. If you have a ROSS Dress for Less department store, you can usually find it there as well.

The smell is AMAZING!!!!!

Sunsweet Plum Amazins-2 sample packets

For more information on CraveBox visit their website


  1. I'm so glad I subbed to this service! My box should be here Monday!! Idk if I ever told you this, but I specifically chose Cravebox because of you!!

    1. Thanks girl. Cravebox has never dissapointed me. Enjoy your box when you get it on monday.

  2. cravebox is so cool...thanks for the make me subs. to this site.. I think crave is better than Birchbox...:(

    1. I think so too.Thanks for stopping by:)


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