Friday, June 22, 2012

CraveBox-Summer Spruce Up Limited Edition

When I saw that CraveBox was going to be having a Limited Edition box with things to help keep your house clean, I got super excited. I love trying new things to keep my home clean. They held a raffle last week lucky I was able to purchase one of these boxes. I new I would not be disappointed. Cravebox is amazing. They always put awesome products in there monthly boxes. They also have great customer service.
Here is the link for more information on the Limited Edition Boxes:
Summer Beauty CraveBox
The Dog Lovers Limited Edition CraveBox
The Back to School Limited Edition CraveBox
The Summer BBQ Limited Edition CraveBox
 I hope I can get into the Summer Beauty and Back to School Limited Edition CraveBoxes!!♥

Information card-tells me what is in my box

Glad Tall Kitchen Bags-Coupon for a free 22ct pack.

Mr.Clean Bliss Gloves-Latex-free gloves with a super plush flock lining adds comfort and helps keep hands dry.

Sprayaway Glass Cleaner-ammonia-free,clean scent formula doesn't streak or leave a film or drip

Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth-Scrub on one side. Wipe on the other. Safe on non-stick cookware,dishes,bakeware, & countertops

Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish-This unique non-bleach formula will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning stainless steel.

Summer Spruce Up Limited Edition CraveBox
$10.00 per box

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