Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Ross Finds

Today Alex and me decided to brave the "cold"(51degrees) weather and ventured out for our weekly visit to Ross. I tell you this is my favorite store!! Frank if you are reading this...a gift card to Ross would be fine Christmas gift with me:) Any ways here are the few delights I was able to buy!

 This lovely Rampage necklace and earing set was only $2.39 from $20.00. I could not pass it up.
This mini nail Color Club Dark Romance Matte set was only $2.99.

I know this cologne is kind of old, but my husband still likes it.  I sold him one when we first started dating about 12 years ago. This was on clearance too for only $13.00.....what a bargain. This is actually going to be one of his Christmas gift. Im hoping Alex can keep this a secret.
Last but not least, I bought Alex this dvd. Its a great collection of all his favorite characters.
Thanks for reading:)

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