Monday, June 9, 2014

Anchor for My Soul

Recently I was asked to crochet an anchor for a baby shower. I found 2 patterns but found this pattern to be easier to follow. I loved how Petals To Picots displayed it as a card for her mom. Very creative and beautiful.
As I was making these anchors I couldnt stop singing the song by Micheal W. Smith "You Wont Let Go". I love the lyrics and its a great reminder of His promises.
Here are some photos of my recreation inspired by Petals To Picots. Thanks for sharing this pattern!

I used 2 strands to make each anchor. They are going to be used as Baby Shower favors so I wanted them a little thicker.

I chained 28  with white yarn and stitched the chain to the back of the anchor.

This is one of the first ones I made. I used a single strand on this one. This one was a little off centered too. I still use stitch markeres to keep count of my stitches but did not use it on this one.

This is what my anchors looked after they were all completed. I wanted them to lay completely flat. So I blocked them the only way I knew how. 

My flat anchors!

I held my iron over the achors in steam mode and got close enough to them without the iron touching the yarn, I did not have any pins on hand to shape them so I just shaped them with my hand as I went.

I am very thankful for this pattern and for being able to make these!

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