Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good2Grow-BzzAgent Kit

Good2Grow BzzAgent BzzKit

I received this kit complimentary from BzzAgent to test and review.

 I received a coupon book for free refills and individual drinks. My package also contained a 6 pack or refills, 1 single serve and 3 character top caps. 

Scoobie-Do, Tinker Bell and Mike W. are only a few of the many different caps they have. to offer. Visit their character page to check them out!

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Each bottle has a protective cover. When I buy these individually I always twist off the cap to make sure the cover is still on and to make sure there are no leaks before leaving the isle. I buy my Good2Grow juices at my favorite Kroger Store.

100% Juice

These cute SippaTop bottle toppers are spill-proof. This is one of my favorite reasons to buy Good2Grow drinks. I don't have to worry about any spillage in my car. Especially since we usually have my sons sparring gear in the back seat. I really don't think his Taekwondo instructor would appreciate sticky gear on the mats.

The flavors come in Fruit Juice, Fruit and Veggie Blends and Organic. Each have a different value of nutrition., but each have No Sugar added, No GMO, No Artificial Colors, Flavors,  or Preservatives and are 100% fruit juices.

Alex giving a "Thumbs Up" for this awesome BzzKit. Thank you Good2Grow and BzzAgent

Favorite anytime drink!

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