Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Phone Cases from Mini in the Box

MY DIY Galaxy inspired for case. I attempted to paint my plastic hard phone case after watching a YouTube video. Mine looked nothing like the galaxy showed on the video

I have been in dire need of a new cell phone case for about 4 months. I finally decided to order some from
 You can find all types of cases and accessories from this website.
This case only cost $2.99

It's a soft case and fits snugly around my Galaxy S4

It also has a slight shimmer to the case. I think its adorable especially because I love owls 

This is how it looks on my phone

This one is a Cassette Pattern Silicone Soft Case this was also $2.99

This one bends more

It also came with a screen protector. The owl case did not come with one.

Give you easy directions to follow to apply the protector

This is the back side of the phone. I love the whole retro look it gives my phone and I love that it comes in purple my favorite color ( different colors are available)

 Mini In the Box  is my favorite place to shop for my phone accessories. They have plenty of phone cases for Apple and Samsung. They also carry home accessories and a bunch of other fun stuff. You definitely have to visit their website. I place my order on 4/12/14 and it came in today which is 5/1/14. Not to bad considering that it came in from Hong Kong. They also have an affiliate program available. This is my second time purchasing from this website and I already have a $3.00 credit.
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