Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cafe Escapes BzzCampaign

Cafe Escapes BzzCampaign
I am a BzzAgent and I recieved this product free to test and review.

These are the 2 sample boxes I received in my BzzKit. Each box contained 2 samples for a total of 8 samples

 This box (left) contained 2 Cafe Vanilla and 2 Cafe Caramel. Unfortunately, I was unable to taste the Cafe Vanilla, my husband got to them before I had a chance to taste it. This is the first time he has tried any one of my Bzzkits before me. He usually doesn't touch my packages until after I take pictures or try them out first. He told me the Cafe Vanilla were delicious. As I am blogging, I am drinking Cafe Caramel, which is very delicious. What makes it even more delicious is that they are only 70 calories or less. Now I don't feel so guilty for having one tonight.  The box on the right contained Chai Latte, Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa and Cafe Mocha. Cafe Escapes are also Gluten free

I am so loving these high dollar coupons for the Cafe Escapes.I'm going to stick one in my husbands wallet. Suggested retail prices for the boxes of K-Cup packs are $8.48 (12-ct) $11.99(16-ct) and $17.49(24ct)

I really am enjoying my warm cup of Cafe Caramel. I think I will try the Chai Latte tomorrow.

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