Friday, November 9, 2012

Tryology-Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection
I received these products from ExpoTv and P&G to test and review. These are my honest opinions.
 These are the items that were in my Tryology Package. It came by FedEx and I had to sign for it.
The Pantene PRO-V Expert Collection is a premium line born from their Swiss heritage. This Pantene Collection was designed with Olay Experts to help fight 7 signs of aging hair.
1. Reduces Breakage
2. Prevents Split Ends
3. Reduces Frizz
4. Controls Unruly Grays
5. Minimizes Lackluster Color
6. Minimizes the look of thinning hair
7. Minimizes Dryness
Gentle enough for daily use on color-treated hair

Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection AgeDefy Shampoo

The shampoo left my hair smelling and looking clean. Even after a day in the gym my hair still smelled good. It actually smells better than the regular Pantene. I'm actually smelling it right now as I type...smells good!

Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection AgeDefy Conditioner

Leaves my hair so soft and manageable. I notice less fall out during the day. I don't usually use conditioner everyday because I notice that my hair falls out a lot when I run my fingers through my hair. I did not notice much fall out with this conditioner.

Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection AgeDefy Advanced Hair Thickening Treatment

Can be used on wet or dry hair. I always used mine on wet hair.

Easy to use and apply.I was afraid that it would make my hair look greasy or oily especially on the days that I skipped my hair wash. It actually did not do either. It did not even have a funky smell. I think my hair could have gone 2 days without washing it.

This is a full day of nothing but the
Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection AgeDefy Regimen in my hair. My hair still has a lot of body and shine to it. My hair is naturally straight but I love how it has that natural bounce to it. No flatness at all. There are also no frizzy hairs on my front of hairline.

Even though it states that it is gentle enough for color treated hair, I noticed that my hair color faded a little bit faster. The color red fades fast to begin with but I just noticed more of my color washing it in the shower.

Other than that, I enjoyed the results of using this regimen.I liked the shine,scent, volume, and the way that my hair looked healthy. I liked that there was no residue on my scalp.

Great product overall!

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