Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Yes, I am a little late to the relaunch but its better late than never. I have been with a member of Influenster for a little over a year. I have received many boxes and have enjoyed every box that has been given to me to test and review.
This morning I woke up and decided to check my profile. Whoa!!! The whole website was totally different. It's now show me what I need to update and different tasks that I need to complete. That makes things a whole lot easier for me to remember. Its almost like a check list. Which is what my life/brain pretty much consist of.
To be a member now you must receive a "special invite". If you want an invite please email me your email address and I will submit it for you.
What is Influenster? It is a community that is totally free to join. If you are a trendsetter and like to try new product and give an opinion on them,then Influenster is just for you!
Am I a "trendsetter"? Yes probably, if you are active on-line (facebook,twitter just to name a few) and off-line and like to share info about product that you bought then Yes Influenster would be a program for you!
So, what do I need to do besides getting and invite? Easy, all you have to do is complete surveys,write review,make a video and share feedback on social media.Once you do these you earn badges and then you are on your way to earning a VoxBox (that's what Influenster call their boxes that they mail your goodies in).
As a member of Influenster you will be able to see and read what other Influensters think about products. You can receive special discounts on products and services. You get to share your opinion and be heard. The more active you are the more opportunities for rewards!
Although it is free to join, you have to be active. You have to review the products Influenster sends you. What's the point of receiving new products without letting everyone know how you feel about them:) BTW, you can also decline an invite if you do not want to participate.
Influenster started in 2010. I received my first box in August 2011. The Influenster team has been so nice. I have emailed them a few times with questions and they respond quickly. Please visit their website for more information.

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