Monday, November 5, 2012

Date Night-Benise

Sorry for the side view. Please adjust your speakers, the volume decreased when I zoomed in. The performance was amazing.
Benise-En Fuego

Can you spot the rainbow?

Beautiful evening in Houston,TX

Miller Outdoor Theater waiting for Benise concert to start

This past weekend my parents were gracious enough to watch Alex all weekend long. My dad got to my house at exactly 4:30 Friday afternoon to pick up his grandson. I think its awesome for them to do that. I know Alex needs time to relax from school,taekwondo, and his daddy and I. My parents need time to spoil him with out Frank and I looking over their shoulders♥

I had never been into the club scene. My husband got over it a long time ago. Thank God!. As far as drinking goes,we just don't do it anymore. I really enjoyed our last date night together at the Millers Outdoor Theatre. I heard on the radio that there was going to be a free performance there for Saturday night. I looked it up and it was for Benise-En Fuego. I had never heard of him. I figured it was going to be just Spanish guitar nothing to exciting. It did not matter, I just love the environment. I love sitting on top of the hill at night with Frank watching the sky get darker and the different cultures that are in this wonderful city. I also love that its free!!

The performance was amazing. He played all different types of songs as you can tell from the clip. The dancers were amazing. It was a very good concert. Having a good time doesn't always mean having to spend money. If you live in the Houston area next week will be the last free concert for the year. I can't wait for more awesome date nights on the hill.

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