Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress-Pictures

Okay so today I was feeling a little lazy. I have been on a crocheting frenzy and I cant seem to stop. My nails were bare and I needed to go to Michael's to buy more yarn. My nails needed a quick fix. I remembered that I had won 2 packages of Kiss Nail Dress and I grabbed the first set I saw. They only took about 15 minutes to apply. No drying time was needed.

Kiss Nail Dress-Peplum
I won these from Influenster in a brand challenge

28 strips and nail file
nail design booklet

back of nail strips

apply to clean nails
I swiped my nails with alcohol to make sure there were no oils on them

you can create your own design by mixing different patterns or by using the ImPress press on nails.

No top coat is needed but i applied a thin coat.
Here is a quick tutorial. Kiss Nail Dress are very easy to apply.


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    1. Thanks I really like them. I think they would have last the whole 10 days but I peeled them off during the weekend.


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