Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BzzAgent-UNREAL Candy UnJunked

Make sure to visit http://getunreal.com/. to see what UnJunk candy is all about.
I received this product free to test and review from:
Candy Coated Chocolates with peanuts UNJUNKED

Clearly states what your are about to consume

UNJUNKED candy tastes just as good as the other stuff. I think I will take my candy UNJUNKED from now on.

peanut filled chocolate

A whole bag fits in my hand. I wouldn't mind having 2 hands full♥

UNREAL 54 taste really good
I found UNREALY candy at CVS and Walgreens. At CVS, it was located in a round bin in front of the cash registers. At Walgreens, they were in a sidecap not on the candy isle.

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