Thursday, September 6, 2012

TAG: Most Worn Things: Summer 2012 Edition

First of all I want to thank these 2 lovely ladies and Lizzy from  for tagging me. I so much prefer to do this one on my blog rather than YouTube
My hair is very straight and since it is so hot these days I really dont like using a straightener to curl my hair. I use the Garnier Surf Hair. I apply a generous amount on my wet hair after I shower at night and in the morning my hair has a nice little wave to it. I also love the John Frieda Frizz Ease Firm Hairspray. It really holds my hair in place. If I decide to change my style and brush my hair it does not leave flakes. i love it. This hairspray also keeps my ponytail in place even with my short hairs in the front. I just place my headband on and spray my hair and I am ready to leave.

 I can not go without using my  EOS lipbalm. It is so addicting. Other than that my most favorite lip products are my Revlon Just Bitten  in Smitten. I really like it because it last a long time on my lips and it is so easy to carry. I love the way it smells too. My other go to lip color is the pH matchmaker from Physicians Formula in Pink. I like that it has a mirror on the tube. i dont usually carry a mirror around so this is very helpful.

Wearing blue nail polish was one of my favorite colors to wear. This color here is by Sinful Colors  in the color Why Not. Looks great on my hands and toes.


This perfume was a present from my son so I wear this one all the time. It is by Brittany Spears in Radiance. I really like this perfume.


Here are my favorite blush and bronzer. The bronzer is from NYC in color Sunny. It has no shimmer which I really like. It is very affordable as well. My favorite blush was from Physicians Formula in Rose. I just have to be very careful not to over apply. The color can get really bright.


NYX Provocateur
 This mascara really makes my short thin lashes look longer and fuller. I actually received this in one of the Craveboxes. I looked on- line a while back and the price was $5.00 which again is really affordable.


Garnier BB Cream
If I were to attempt to wear any foundation the possibility of it melting off my face would be very likely. It is so hot and humid. This is the only thing I use when it comes to foundation. I love the coverage and ease of applying. I do apply pressed powder after it just to keep the shine away.

I actually bought the bracelet at Good Will. I just love the colors and that its a wrap around. The earrings I made. The color does not go well with everything but I try to wear them as often as I can. The headband in the first picture is a must for me as well. I bought it at Target in a 2 pack, one silver and one gold.


This is the cutest shirt ever. I just love owls.


 Since I was usually on the go this summer with my son, I mostly wore tennis shoes. The Reebok's are great for the gym and the Nike are great for running errands.The sandals were cute. I  am not much of a high heel shoes type of girl. I tend to lose my balance so I usually go with flats.

This was alot of fun. If you are reading this feel free to do the tag♥
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  1. Love all of you shoes & that owl shirt! I have an owl necklace that would totally match that! A lipstick w/a mirror is a win. I remember that from one of your videos, too! Cool. I'm def going to try that bronzer & the Revlon. I've seen a lot of people using the Revlon lip color, but I haven't used it, yet. I'm still using my Tarte from my Birchbox and I love it!! They are very similar :) Thanks for linking back to meee! I'm glad you did this! We should def find more of these!


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