Monday, September 24, 2012

Physician Formula-FASHIONISTA EYES

Fashionista Eyes-For any Color
shimmer strips
custom eye enhancing shadow and liner
use wet or dry

I first applied a black liner on my bottom lid
This one is by WetnWild

I added a dab if eye drops to use the shadow wet.
I used this color I am pointing at and applied it to the corner of my lid to half way

I then used the darker purple and applied to the end of my lid to the upper crease
I blended very well

I used the lightest pink as my highlight

I lined my eyes with a Revlon pencil liner then went over it with a
Loreal liquid liner

I added my favorite NYX mascara

The look

Looking down

Looking Down again

Looking up

Looking straight
I really like the colors
I am not sure what it looks like dry not wet but I swatched it and the colors are very light.
If I do another look, I will swatch them dry and post pictures


CVS had a sale last week,spend $10.00 and receive $7.00ECB on Physician Formula cosmetics. I had $7ECB that were about to expire so I went for this deal. I ended getting a big bottle of baby wash and this eye palette for $3.44 OOP. I also received my $7ECB. My favorite color is purple so I just had to get this one called Fashionista. They had other palettes as well.

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