Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Libman Tornado Mop

Last month I did not feel like driving to Target to get a new mop. I,instead, stopped at the Dollar General. The only mop they had there was their brand mop. I payed about $8.00 for it. Biggest regret ever. The twisty handle did not wring the water out very well at all. I had to put fans to dry the floor because too much water was left on the mop. Today I decided to go to Target and get a new mop. I found this one by Libman called the Tornado Mop. Per the box it has a longer mop head and covers 25% more surface. It also has a Grip 'N Click Ratchet that wrings more water.
I used the mop today and it wringed so much water that my floors got dry super fast. My floors were left clean and dry in no time. No fans needed!! Next time I will drive the extra 5 minutes to Target. Here is a small clip of how the mop works.


  1. I too love the tornado mop and the only reason that I don't use it as much as I used is because I have a Libman Freedom Mop! The kind with the washable pad and that you can fill with any solution you want...use it at least once a day and often more!

    1. Oh yeah, I had one of those too but not the Libman brand. I think it was RubberMaid Reveal mop. Those are great too. Thanks for stopping by my blog♥

  2. i want one of those ...lol its me maree

  3. This Mop would save me so much time.. we don't have a target near where I live.. I might see if they carry it at Walmart.

    Sarah @ Just A Country Gal


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