Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Fun with the Kids

Summer is here. The kids are home all day and what do we do??? That's a good question. Here are a few things that you can do with the kids. Most are free or require little money.
Visit your local library. They usually host special performances during the summer month.  Every Wednesday until the end of July we have our schedule filled with a different performance. I like these because they allow the children to participate and gets there minds working. They also have a summer reading program that lets your little ones earn prizes after reading (or you reading to them) a certain amount of book.
Michael's craft store also host free project nights that lets your child make a project. Most of the time you just have to buy a small product that they are going to use such as a tie,shirt or mug. All this month they will be hosting Father's Day Projects. These look like alot of fun. Check out there website and click on the events tab. http://www.michaels.com/
My most favorite free activities is the Lowe's Build and Grow projects.  This is usually hosted every other Saturday morning between 10-11am. My husband has been taking my son since he was 3 years old. They leave early to eat breakfast them head on out to Lowe's. It give me, Mommy, a little break to sleep in a while or just have time to get my self together. Once you get to Lowe's and sign in your child, your child receives a pair of goggle, a red smock, hammer, and their project to build with instructions. It teaches them to follow direction,safety, and patience. Its awesome to see their face once they have completed the project. The projects are all free. Once the project is complete, they receive a badge. I usually take some material glue and glue the patch to his smock. http://lowesbuildandgrow.com/
project packet

project pieces and instructions

Alex hammering away!!

project complete

patches glued onto smock

My last free summer thing to do is Vacation Bible School or VBS. This is also free and fun. It teaches kids about Jesus and the love He has for every single thing and everyone around us.  I love it. Last night he came home with a bag of snack that he requested I make for him today. So we took off this morning Wal-Mart and bought the ingredients. I bought a box of Chex cereal, Lucky Charm cereal, a bag of Gold Fish, and M&M's. I wanted to put raisens in it but he wasn't having it. I put 4 cups of each cereal and the whole bags of candy and gold fish. This made about 12 cups. I know its not very healthy buts its a fun treat

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