Thursday, November 27, 2014

Too Faced-Melted Ruby

First off I would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Hope you had  blessed day today and many more blessed days ahead.  I am thankful for being together safely as a family.

Too Faced
Melted Ruby

Gently squeeze tube to release product

I asked a my dearest friend to pick this color up for me since she was going to do an ULTA run.  I looked at it on-line only.  I was hesitant to get this color because I don't usually buy red lip color.  I prefer pink lips rather than red.  I decided to take a leap of faith and hope for the best with this color.  I am so glad I went with this color.  I love it.  This is the second MELTED color I own.  I believe there are 10 in the collection. Each one is $21.00.  Sometimes I feel that too expensive but once I open it and put it on the price is totally justified.  I use them more than I would my Loreal or Rimmel brand lip colors.  I can definitely see me wearing this more in December.  I have a small give away coming up real soon that will be posted on my YouTube channel.  It will be a Real Techniques Miracle Sponge and a Blush Brush.  I want to add a few more items and I will post a video as soon as I get the things I want to giveaway.  So go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already.
Thanks for stopping by, Christina M.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to your family as well.
    Love this red color on you ♥


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