Friday, September 12, 2014

Vera Bradley Pleated Tote

Vera Bradley Pleated Tote
African Violet

Top zipper closure for extra protection

one big side zippered pocket

My tablet fits in perfectly

The side pocket is pretty deep as well

3 side pockets.  They are all the same size but unlike the Get Carried Away Tote. The pockets are not mirrored. So one zippered pocket on one side and 3 open side pockets on the other side.
Whats in my purse?
crochet hook
3 different colors of yarns
2 incomplete crochet projects
family size trail mix
kotex envelope
protein bar
personal size filofax
toilet paper

each side has a pocket 

I can fit 2 meal replacement shakes on one side

On the other side I can fit a  refillable water bottle and a small water bottle

This is so much better than the Get Carried Away Tote.  I think that one was more for travel.  Even though this bag is full, it does not feel heavy. I love it.

My husband was so kind enough to exchange my Get Carried Away Tote today.  I gave him the name of the tote that I wanted and the top 5 choices that I wanted him to get. My first choice was African Violet which the one he got.  This one is less expensive that the Get Carried Away Tote.  This was $68.00.  I love that it is full but not as heavy.  I think this is perfect for work and to take to my sons practice to carry my crochet stuff.  

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