Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get Carried Away

My bag finally came in today.  I ordered to last Sunday and received it today which is Monday.  I love the color and pattern of the bag but it is way too big.  I think I would look ridiculous to use this as my everyday work bag.  This tote would be much better to use as a travel bag.

Huge box was left at my front door step

Nicely packaged with tissue and bubble wrap

Canterberry Magenta

 Get Carried Away Tote

Double straps with cushioned  adjustable pad

retail price $92.00

Pocket in the front and back

This is the envelop my invoice came in.  I used it to measure the length of  the pocket.  As you can see it is very deep. My tablet is easily  swallowed by it.

There is also side pockets on each side.  It is not as long as the front pocket but you can easily fit a  water bottle or even a Special K drink and a Red Bull in one pocket.

Zipper top closure

small gaps on each ends after it is zipped.

Vera Bradley tag

I just used the envelope and 2 cards that where inside the box to show how many pocket it has.  As you can see it has 3 pockets and 2 pen slots in each side of the tote.  So total 6 pockets and 4 pen slots in the tote.

I tried to get a good picture of the inside side pockets.  There is one on each end.  They also have a plastic lining to wipe it clean if it gets dirty.

This tote is so big I can easily fit my sons backpack and laptop.  I could probably fit our PS4 in it as well.

The bottom of the tote seems sturdy.  It feels like a thick cardboard,

Sadly to say I am definintly going to return this bag.  The color and pattern is perfect but just way to big for what I intended it to be used.

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