Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Deco Mesh Wreath-Pictorial

Supplies Needed:
Wire Wreath-Michael s or Hobby Lobby
Pipe Cleaners unless you buy a wreath with the pipe cleaners already attached (hobby lobby)
20" Deco Mesh
Accent Deco Mesh (I think its 12")
Twigs/Picks/Letters or anything else you want to attach

Metal wreath can be bought at Mitchael's.They had 3 sizes when I went. I choose the medium size. I saw some at Hobby Lobby today in the Christmas ribbon isle with the pipe cleaners already attached to it.

You will need pipe cleaners cut in half.  Wrap a pipe cleaner in the 2 middle wires where there is a notch

After you wrap each notch, tie a pipe cleaner between the notches in the top 2 wires
see nest picture

Now you are ready to wrap your wreath.
Starting with the middle  pipe cleaners, tie a few inches of the beginning of the mesh like above picture

I measured the length of my tablet (about 8 inches) then scrunched it up loosely and tied it with the pipe cleaner

make sure you measure the same with each notch

Continue around entire Center Notches

Don't worry if it looks to spacey.You are doing a good job

Now you will work with the top pipe cleaners
Do the exact same thing as you did during the first round. Same measurements of mesh.

After each pipe cleaner has mesh tied on it you can now cut it off. Leave a few inches to tuck behind the wreath

now get the smaller roll of Deco Mesh

You will now do One round of the accent deco mesh. Start at the beginning of the wreath on the center pipe cleaner and tie  the mesh to it. Then bring it up and tie some mesh to the top pipe cleaner. LOOK AT ABOVE PICTURE

Continue this pattern until you complete one round. Remember center,top,center, top patter all the way around.
Cut the mesh and tuck main color mesh and accent mesh to the back of wreath.

I placed 3 picks where I  noticed a few gaps

I hot glued them to the back of the wreath

I painted a wooded "P" that I bought from Hobby Lobby and hot glued it to the mesh

This is the finished look for all less than $10.00
 I hope this helps. Please follow my blog for more DIY's and product reviews


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