Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar Cereal BzzCampaign

I am a BzzAgent and received this product for free from BzzAgent and General Mills for testing and review purposes

I received 2 boxes of General Mills Fiber One Protein Cereal in my BzzKit.The first one I tried is the Maple Brown Sugar cereal. This cereal really satisfies my hunger till dinner time. I usually eat this about 11:00am. I love the taste of maple brown sugar. I like the crunch of the granola and the bits of pecan in every bite. I also noticed that it has helped me stay regular if you know what I mean ( sorry if its TMI). I can certainly notice when I skip this cereal and choose a more sugary cereal instead. 

big clusters are in the bag as well which are great for snacking. 

the granola and pecan pieces add a nice crunch to the cereal till the end

20% daily value of fiber
10 grams of protein with milk per serving

Check out Fiber One's website to find out more about their other products

It also has a Box Top to help support  your child's school

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