Friday, July 12, 2013

Fried Chicken from Kroger BzzAgent Campaign

I received coupons from BzzAgent and Kroger for free deli chicken, cocoa-cola, and Kroger brand chips.

Finally heading to Kroger to get my free meal

Thought I was ready to check out but I had the wrong chips

I accidentally grabbed the Private Select Brand chips but the coupon beeped and the clerk told me I needed to get the Kroger Brand:) This size bottle of Coke is perfect because we don't drink much soda. I'm the only one who drinks it when we do buy it. The chips are very good. They have 150 calories per serving.-8g total fat-180mg sodium- 1g sugars and 0g trans fat.

This is a great quick meal to pick up during the week when the day is filled with activities. The chicken is always warm at the deli. Unfortunately my husband was not able to taste the chicken and we had more than half left over. The next day I warmed it up in the oven. I wrapped the chicken in aluminum foil and set the oven at 325 degrees for about 25 minutes. It was still juicy. We are a big fan of Kroger Deli. My husband prefers the baked chicken, my son loves the fried chicken, corn dogs and fries and I love the burritos. Kroger deli makes my busy days easy when it comes to meal time.

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