Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday my son told me that one of his friends told him that he did not like his parents. This made my son sad. It made me sad as well. They are only in kindergarten.
As his mom I gave him a hug and told him that I loved him. Loving your kids is not enough though. We have to be there to listen to them. To talk with them. To laugh with them and yes to discipline them. Most importantly to pray with them and for them. Time goes by too fast.
It doesn't matter how kind we are to other people if we are not kind to our own children nothing matters. I make sure to tell my son how awesome, strong, intelligent and beautiful he is. I also make sure he cleans up after himself, to put his clothes away, to turn off his DSI and no more SpongeBob for the night.
We go through his backpack together and I ask him about his day. I give him a snack and he does his homework. After he finishes it, I check it and lastly sign off on his folder. We jump on my bed and read together. Being his mom is the best feeling in the world.I don't ever want him to say he doesn't like us as his parents. I want to live a life that wont embarrass my son or husband. I want his thoughts to always be fun and positive. And if he is ever feeling down or mad or sad to openly tell us. I have seen him mad and thinking about it makes me cry. We let him take his frustration out and he felt better. This post is a little more personal than normal but I just had to share. Our children are a reflection of us. We have to be for them and not against them.

My Baby 4-D picture 2006

My Alex 2013