Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fergie Wet n Wild Milano Collections

Here is a quick pictorial of a look I did using the Fergie Milano Collections palette.  I believe this is found at Walgreens only.  They has a palette with shades of purple but I opted for this one.  There are 10 different shades in the palette.  It also come with a double ended brush. I decided to apply the shadow with the brush that was provided.  I also used the Fergie Wet n Wild primer.

This palette retails for $8.99 at Walgreens

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Sticker seal

3 subtle mattes and the rest are shimmers

Double ended brush

The shadows have no names
I used this shade as my base.  I applied it all over my lid, as seen below.

I used this color as my highlight color on my brow bone (see below)

I used my finger to apply the gold shade pictured below on my bottom part of my lid.

Next time I will use a gold cream base that I have from Mary Kay before using this shade. I think it will pop more if I do that first.

I used this color on my crease...extreme close up below

I wanted to give it more depth so I used this on the crease as well (below)

I used this black color on the outer corner of my lids and blended very well (below)

I applied this shade on my lower lash line  (below)

I highly recommend applying the shadow before doing your foundation.  There is a lot of color fall out.

This is the final look.  I lined my eyes with Jordana eyeliner and Mary Kay mascara.   I also use Revlon foundation.

Final thoughts: Over all I think this a pretty decent palette. Like I mentioned earlier there is quite a bit of fall out. I think if I use my regular makeup brushes the colors will show more but the brush provided is not dense at all but a look is still achievable if this is the only brush you have.  I really like the matte colors and the 2 goldish colors.  The highlight color is very nice as well.
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